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Of fledgelings and foxes

It's been a while since my last photo post. That one probably had a lot of robins in it too.

During this week I found where a pair of robins were feeding their fledgelings. The gloomy weather hasn't been the best for photography, but the chance to get pictures of fledgelings was too good to miss. Didn't have any luck yesterday, but today was a very different story.

Fledgeling robin, I only saw my first fledgeling robins last spring, so the tan-speckled head was completely new to me.

Fledgeling robin

Fledgeling and parent

Fledgeling and parent

Fledgelings and parent

Fledgeling feeding

Fledgeling feeding

And this is the best shot I managed to get of a treecreeper.
Treecreeper, Saw my first ever treecreepers this spring and hoped to get pictures. Eventually managed four; the little buggers don't stay still. This was the best one.

Goldcrest on my birdfeeder. (The thing above the feeder is a 14" snare drum head, which I used to make a rain roof. The goldcrest would fly up at it from the feeder to peck stray bugs off the underside.)
Goldcrest, Goldcrest on my birdfeeder, March 2012

On one of the sunniest weekends in March I heard scuffling noises at the bottom of my garden. Expecting to see a cat I instead saw this. Amazingly he was still around after I'd nipped indoors and fetched my camera. But not for long, or the second shot would've been better focused.
Fox head, There was a scuffling noise in the bushes at the bottom of my garden one saturday afternoon. Expected it to be a cat, but no.

Urban fox, Sorry for the poor focus; he wasn't hanging around and I wasn't expecting to get another shot at all.

These next few were taken at the British Science Festival last year; I hadn't posted them before so now seems like a good time.
Me with Barn Owl

Me with Bald Eagle

The barn owl is called Amber, and the bald eagle is Laska. Laska, incidentally, appeared in Clash Of The Titans as the bird of Zeus. Thus giving me one degree of separation from Liam Neeson. :-)

Gwynnie the lanner falcon

Sybil the harris hawk

And this is Gwynnie the lanner falcon and Sybil the harris hawk, but I didn't get to handle them.


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(Deleted comment)
May. 24th, 2012 02:54 pm (UTC)
Mostly of what? Catching pics of feeding fledgelings, or holding a seriously big-ass eagle? :-)

BTW, I found I did have pics of the harris hawk and lanner falcon; I just hadn't got to hold them. So I've put them here too.
May. 25th, 2012 08:57 pm (UTC)
Beautiful pictures. Wonderful - thank you!
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