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Tea and Cake and Rock and Roll

Whimsical musings as and when. May contain traces of drummer.

Adrian O
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"Will drum for food. Will stop drumming for cash." That was my entire bio for my first three years here, 'cos I'd had it printed on a t-shirt, and when I first joined LJ I couldn't be arsed to write a proper one. But I think three years' procrastination is pushing it, so...

40-something, male, straight, single, short, overweight, beard, glasses. Known to wear hats, particularly the now rather battered panama you see in my icon, hence the username. Described by friends as outgoing and friendly, but by myself as somewhat shy and introverted.

I've always been musically inclined. I tried violin, piano and choral singing as a child, before finally taking up the drums around 1983. I've been playing them ever since, and like to think I don't actually suck. I sing on occasion as well, sometimes even at the same time. I got into heavy rock/metal around the same time as I started drumming. From there I moved onto progressive rock, which gave me routes into folk, jazz-fusion, psychedelia, and eventually even back into pop. Basically I prefer my music diverse, interesting and well-crafted rather than fashionable and disposable.

I live in Reading, in the south of England, and have done for most of my life. I work in computer tech support, and occasionally play gigs with various bands. I took up cycling for better fitness and health, and promptly had an accident and broke an arm. Go figure.

I spend much of my time online among Pratchett fandom, which was how I found LiveJournal. Most of my friends seem to be from there, but not all. If you friend me I'd appreciate it if you let me know in a comment or a message. It saves me wondering where all these people came from!